Penryn Arts Festival

After the excitement of Green Fields on the Glasney College Field few would blame you for wallowing in that festival feeling. So before you start booking tickets, dragging out the muddy tent and daring to think about crossing the border we think we have the solution right here in Penryn. Penryn Arts Festival is only […]


Glasney College Penryn

Walter Bronescombe, Bishop of Exeter, had been rather ill after a visit to Germany. During episodes of delirium he experienced several, ‘visions’, in which he saw St Thomas à Beckett. As the visions played out Becket insisted that Walter would return to health and head to Penryn in search of woods in Glasney. There he […]


Carclew House Cornwall

Crucglew, crucelew or Carclew as it is known today is the name of the estate found between Penryn and Mylor. In the past the name has been translated as, ‘The Enclosures by the Barrows’, Cruc or Crug meaning barrow and Clu or Cluth, a ditch or fence. The timeline of ownership for the land of […]


Gorsedh Kernow – The Proclamation 2013

The tradition of preserving a history and culture of a Celtic people through poetry, song, dance, music, art and spoken word stretches back to the story tellers – Bards of ancient Celtic countries. The revival of the Gorsedh Kernow began in 1928 with the initiation by the Welsh, ‘Archdruid’, (not to be confused with the […]