Fulmar a book by Robin Falvey Penryn’s newest novelist

Robin Falvey has just published his first novel, Fulmar.  Asked about the book, he says:  “I wanted to write a novel that was gritty and funny, realistic and authentic and I think I’ve done that. Fulmar is about Cornwall as it really is, the stunning, down to earth, community minded place I love. Fulmar is about a boy […]


Guest Blog – My Home & My Office

Penryn. A place of history, heritage, nature, wildlife, a wonderful looking town centre with it’s old buildings and iconic clock tower, and rolling fields and mature trees around the town’s periphery. I first moved to Penryn sixteen years ago knowing very little about the town itself. Unbeknown to me, I later discovered whilst researching my […]


Guest Blog – I Am This Town and This Town Is Me

By Guest Blogger – Rachel Gerred-Hart The sky is crystal blue in colour a few light airy clouds sit motionless in the sky. It’s hot. The sun beats down on my skin. I am 3 years old, and my bunches tied with red ribbons, dance about my ears. I am skipping down the road chatting […]


Lorraine Pascoe Penryn’s Very Own Action Woman

September 2015 will be the month when Penryn’s own action woman, Lorraine Pascoe, will take her campaign for, ‘Children’s Hospice Care’, to the next level, trekking for seven days on the Mt Kilimanjaro Machame route to Africas highest peak. For the last year Lorraine has hosted a number of fundraising events and donated her own […]