Tourism Week 2016

Tourism Week 2016

Tourism Week 2016 is the annual national campaign that showcases the vibrancy and quality of experiences the UK has to offer to local people and visitors to the country.

By taking part in this week-long campaign, Penryn has the opportunity to highlight, promote and showcase what is right here on the doorstep of local people and encourage visitors to make our town their next holiday destination while garnering exposure a campaign of this scale offers.

Visiting harbour’s, museums, galleries, heritage sites, historic buildings, gardens, parks and woodlands are among the top activities and things to do when people visit the South West. Lucky for Penryn we have all these things on our doorstep along with several activity centres, restaurants, cafes, bars and holiday accommodation.

Tourism week 2016 takes place across the UK from 5th - 13th March

How will you get involved?


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