Guest Blog – Why I Love Penryn by Jordan Ciacci

Peaceful yet so full of life is how best to describe Penryn in my opinion.

When you walk down the main high street you are greeted with bunting everywhere, the fantastic clock tower, the superb view across to Falmouth and also the almighty church…pardon the pun.

Then when you continue to walk down the main street of Penryn passing a lot of great things, my favourite being the old fire station due to the retro feel of the building. You will eventually be greeted with perhaps my favourite view in all of Penryn, the incredible harbour.

The harbour is truly superb, whether the tide is in or out, the view of the boats is something that can’t be compared. This beautiful location doubles up as my favourite place to relax and also my favourite view.

Penryn is full of character, and I mean full of it. The fantastic independent shops scattered all around that are always a delight to go inside. Whether you want some vintage furniture from Retro Chic Warehouse or the supremely cute Just Delights.

I have just pointed out two of my favourite stores but with a diverse place like Penryn it’s important to keep an open mind and a want to try new things.

Nature is everywhere, especially in Penryn, everywhere you look you are likely to see some kind of foliage, flowers blooming and trees standing tall. Just the other day I went on a small adventure trekking through a small forest that threw me out under Penryn rail bridge. It was a delightful yet very spooky location, old structures with vines over taking them.

The whole area has been taken over by shrubbery, trees and bushes alike, almost as if nature is reclaiming the land that it has lost.

Being underneath the bridge when the train passes over was a surreal experience, feeling the vibration and hearing the mighty train overhead was a strange experience whilst in an area so untouched by any modern features.

All in all, Penryn is a magnificent place to live and visit, I believe everyone should come here and experience the special feeling you get when travelling around here.

This is why I love Penryn.

About Jordan

visit_penryn_guest_blog_jordan_ciacci_why_I_love_penrynJordan Ciacci lives in Penryn, his website, Jordan Ciacci Photography – A disposable journey, all of my photo’s and all of my travels’, documents his view on the local area and further afield.

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