Fulmar a book by Robin Falvey Penryn’s newest novelist

Robin Falvey has just published his first novel, Fulmar.  Asked about the book, he says:  “I wanted to write a novel that was gritty and funny, realistic and authentic and I think I’ve done that. Fulmar is about Cornwall as it really is, the stunning, down to earth, community minded place I love. Fulmar is about a boy growing up amid the surfing and surf lifesaving scene in North Cornwall. Jacob Pehallow is 15, his dad’s dead, mum’s a mess and his only friend is the local drug dealer – then a random stranger gives him a surfboard.”

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Fulmar is already picking up some great reactions. Here’s what one reader said about it:

A BRILLIANT READ. I have just finished reading this book, from page one I was hooked, such a brilliant read. This was Robin Falvey’s first book and I am looking forward to reading his next one. Well done Robin.

Robin says: “Writing Fulmar was great fun because the character is so lively. He was easy to write about. The hardest part was writing the blurb for the description. I just couldn’t get it right. In the end, because Jacob’s ‘voice’ is so authentic I just felt I had to hand it over to him.”Here’s Jacob Penhallow’s pitch for Fulmar:

I’m flat on my face, chewing the tarmac when this bloke nearly runs me over. But instead of giving me a hard time, he gives me a surfboard, a Fulmar. Smiles like he knows something good’s gonna happen, drives off.But I got the law on my case, and Dad’s dead. Plus there’s Mum: addicted to daytime TV, smokes so many Lambert and Butlers even the dog’s got a cough.On the up side there’s Karl, surf lifeguard and legend who stops me drowning in more ways than one. There’s surfing and new mates, big waves. Lifeguard training.And Jade; brainy, scary in a good way – hot.If only Aiden never wanted to kill me it might be happy ever after, but he does and it ain’t…Jacob Penhallow, fifteen, gnarly North Cornwall.

Fulmar is for sale as an ebook on Amazon – you can download it to your Kindle, or any other device.


About The Author


Robin Falvey is a journalist and copywriter, and also works part time at Falmouth University’s Penryn campus as a student enabler. His claim to fame is that he used to be a sports reporter for BBC Radio Cornwall covering football and cricket matches. He was also a surf lifesaver for 15 years and still likes to go surfing.


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