Postcards from Visit Penryn Competition!

If I had a pound for every time someone new to town or passing through has said to me, ‘I never realised how lovely Penryn really is’, I would undoubtedly be able to buy each shop window and fill them with all the wonderful reasons the town is so special and why everyone should Visit Penryn.

What isn’t to love about the intriguing architecture, discoverable alleyways, wonderful shops and galleries, riverside walks, colourful boat yards, hidden gems of woodland and of course the ever changing Penryn quay  is the perfect place to sit and enjoy some fish and chips and listen to life on around the water.

I am sure anyone who has ever lived in or visited the town can think of ten words that describe why everyone should visit Penryn.

So, we thought we would run a fun little competition and do just that!

Imagine you were asked to send a postcard  to someone who had never been to Penryn and you only have 10 words to tempt them to visit. What would you write?

Follow this link and add your ten words in the comments under the image. The person who’s ten words has the most, ‘likes’, by 9pm on April 12th will receive one of our limited edition Visit Penryn postcards in the post!


You can even choose if you want your postcard sent to yourself or perhaps you may want us to send the postcard along with the ten words to someone else. We thought it may even look nice in a frame.

So have fun with your ten words and get as many people as you can to like them!

Terms & Conditions:-
1. Competition is not open to the family of Visit Penryn owners
2. Only 1 set of Ten Words per person
3.The competition is open to everyone
4. Abusive &/or offensive comments will be deleted
5. If you wish the postcard to be sent on to a third party you must have their permission before
passing on their information.
6. You may not sell or replicate the postcard 
7. You May share the image online for the sake of the competition
8. This competition is not affiliated with Facebook in any way other than using the platform to promote it.
9. Winners are chosen soley on the number of likes their ten words receive, the most, ‘likes’ wins
10. Only likes acquired on comments under this IMAGE will be counted.
11. The Visit Penryn watermark is NOT on the image on the postcard 🙂

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