Muddy Beach Path Closed Due to Landslide

The popular coastal footpath from St Gluvias Church down to Muddy beach and on to Flushing has been closed for, ’21 days’, due to landslides.

Several points along the footpath have become obviously unstable with several other areas completely collapsed. Boat owners who are moored below over hanging trees have been advised to find alternative moorings and walkers are warned to stay away.

We wonder if this is why the path appears to have been set back from the edge originally, and perhaps this would have been the wall in front of the path?

pip_carlton_barnes_visit_penryn_cliff_slide_6_LRpip_carlton_barnes_visit_penryn_cliff_slide_7_8We can’t wait for the 21 days to be up!

Update On Closure – Since publishing this post the Council have extended this closure until the 21st of August.

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The alternative route is:-

Walk up past St Gluvias Church in the direction of Flushing taking care as the footpath runs out. Once around the corner take the first turning on the right into, ‘Love Lane’. Follow the footpath down and on through the cemetery. When you have taken time to enjoy our beautiful old cemetery head downwards and turn left over the granite style. Continue on this footpath to Flushing or, if the tide is out, follow the beach path.

Penryn to Flushing – Please pick up the route from the point of the cemetery.

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