BF-Adventure – Penryn’s largest outdoor adventure

I believe it was the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland who claimed to believe in up to six impossible things before breakfast. She went on to explain to Alice that to believe in the impossible takes practice. She also shouted, ‘Orf with her head’, a lot too but we’ll gloss over that to tell you…. BF-Adventure is a wonderland for practising and achieving a belief in yourself and those around you.

visit_penryn_BF_Adventure quarry

Once a working quarry the Goodygrane site, complete with four rain filled quarries and rugged terrain, lends itself perfectly to the exploration of personal strengths and weaknesses while enjoying massive amounts of fun. The breath-taking scenery and quiet spaces allow for relaxed moments and capturing some great pictures of our wonderful green spaces.

The demands of busy lifestyles and long working hours leaves less time for quality family moments spent together enjoying ourselves. BF- Adventure takes you away from the chaos and distractions of everyday life offering a whole different set of fun challenges to choose from.

Family adventure days can be taken on a half day or full day booking and are tailored to suit you. Choose from Climbing/Abseiling, Water sports and Archery sessions all of which can be mixed up to suit confidence and personal taste. Why not test your cake making skills with an archery session, (yes you read that right) and then pit your engineering skills in raft building and racing against one another?


 Don’t fancy tripping to Amsterdam to get left tied naked to the railings of the local police station? Or are you cringing at the idea of a mock bridal procession through town to see men strip for five minutes at the end? BF-Adventure offers you an alternative stag/hen weekend. In fact why not go head to head in a Mars & Venus Space race? The centre is set with a variety of obstacles and challenges to enjoy and remember in the run up to your special day. If you really want to get locked in handcuffs it can be arranged.


If you are looking for a great way to entertain the kids during the holidays or an adventure filled birthday party for them, then BF-Adventure has a variety of programmes designed with your 7 – 12 year olds in mind.  Rock climbing challenges, canoe contests, bush craft and even beach safaris are run by qualified, approachable and fun staff. They even organise events outside of the centre so you can enjoy our wonderful coastline too.

So  do you think you are ready to face the, ‘wobbly Bridge of Doom’, and, ‘Shark Infested Custard’? If you are then you need to head to Penryn’s largest and most exciting outdoor adventure centre. BF- ADVENTURE  Enjoy!

BF-Adventure is a registered charity established in 1989 and relies on your contributions to run. The centre caters for everyone with a particular focus on young people and is equipped with the skills and equipment to cater for the disabled. The BF-Adventure is a valuable and essential ingredient to all levels of learning and life skills let’s keep it running!

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